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Ferrari Archives - Gran Turismo Sport Car List

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Ferrari 330 P4 1967 Gran Turismo Sport

Ferrari 330 P4 1967

When thinking of Ferrari’s motorsports activities, the first thing that comes to mind are their feats in the F1 Gran Prix. However from the 1950s to the 1960s, they also enjoyed great success in sports car racing. Though they withdrew from sports car racing in 1973, the 330 P4 is one car that left its…
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Ferrari 512 BB 1976

Ferrari 512 BB 1976

Ferrari launched its first mid-engine production car, the 365 GT4 BB, at the Turin Motor Show in 1971 as an answer to Lamborghini’s now-legendary Muira model. The letters “BB” in the new car’s title stood for “Berlinetta Boxer”, a reference to the car’s coupe body style and its horizontally-opposed “boxer” engine; the pistons of each…
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